What I find striking is how united all those testifying are in their desire for reform and each has their own clear and distinct reasons for doing so. #marylandmanufacturing

Maryland brewers are out in force at today’s economic matters committee here in Annapolis. Side-by-side with supportive legislators sponsoring progressive bills. #marylandmanufacturing

Getting myself, my recording kit ready to head up to Annapolis. If you are going to be there to testify about or in solidarity for MD craft beer, message me. If you have a few minutes to spare, I’ll include you in a special episode of https://peculiarcharacter.com.

MD beer friends: if you will be at tomorrow’s hearings in Annapolis to testify or in solidarity, I now know where I will be based for the day. If you want to help with the special episode of https://peculiarcharacter.com, PM me ASAP. Only need a few minutes of your day.

MD beer friends: I will be in Annapolis for the hearings on HB518, HB1052, et. al. this Friday. I’ll be looking for folks to discuss on mic how these proceedings affect them. Not sure where I’ll be set up yet, please come and find me, lend me five minutes of your time.

Me: “I feel a new rhetorical beer coming on. I don’t know what to call it or what it will taste like…”

Her: “It will taste like a living wage and clean Bay water.”