Secured the guest for episode five of this season, so excited. Will update Patrons via post and production diary soon. Just reached out to the guest I want to interview for the last episode of this season, fingers crossed.

Busy weekend, as is my usual jam. Super successful brew day yesterday, subsequent clean up today, delivered pilot brew, helped shift part of a huge kegerator, then finish production on latest podcast episode.

Editing the audio I recorded with Gina and Ty from @HysteriaBrewery earlier this week. Sounds great, should be able to finish production work next weekend to release to Patrons a week from today, then everyone else the Thursday after.

I will finish mastering the first episode of season 3 this afternoon. Patrons will receive this episode in their feed as soon as it is done. It will go out to everyone else Thursday afternoon. This episode features @silverbranchus and patrons already received a behind the scenes peek at the brewery under construction.

In the home studio today, editing the interview recording with @silverbranchus. Another great conversation, look for it in the feed to kick off season 3 on May 10th.

Finished work on the latest interview, with the O’Leary’s from @TrueRespite. Turned out great, despite so many distractions on the day. Episode 6 of Season 2 will go out to Patrons tonight ( and everyone else on Thursday.

Paying my dues for all the fun I had at all the local breweries these past few weeks, especially @TrueRespite. Editing audio for the next episode that will release a week early to coincide with their ribbon cutting.

And Episode 5 is done and ready to post, will go out to Patrons ( tomorrow and everyone else on Thursday. Huge thanks to @MikeOstreentra and @TommyHeyboer for helping making this one possible.