Finished with other chores for the day. Enjoying the last of my mild, a new recipe IPA will replace it soon, and watching an online course on wood aging beer.

Busy weekend, as is my usual jam. Super successful brew day yesterday, subsequent clean up today, delivered pilot brew, helped shift part of a huge kegerator, then finish production on latest podcast episode.

I am pooped. Kegged a new beer yesterday. Produced a new podcast episode today as well as baking and other chores. Also started and worked throughout the weekend on a new open source project,

Feeling mostly recovered after a long day of travel yesterday. Fairly productive, too, including laundry and some podcasting stuff.

Another productive weekend, especially today. Kegged a new beer yesterday. Today: bottled another beer, baked bread, edited interview audio, practiced guitar and did laundry.

Took a half day off from the day job to work on the beer podcast. Both halves of the day were super productive, for the podcast in particular.

Yeah, in retrospect, probably should have listened to that instinct to spend the rest of the day after lunch working from outside the office.

Very tempted to drag my laptop with me to lunch, at one of my happy places, so I can work the rest of the day “from brewery”. Feeling very frustrated at constant interruptions.