Any #Savor when I can make @MadFermentationist laugh, bonus. Can’t wait to have him and @ScottJanish on the podcast to talk about @SapwoodCellars. #savorcraftbewr

Peak #Savor moment. Waiting to shake Sam Calagione’s hand as I have done for the past three years, I got to have an actual conversation with him. He invited me to email him personally about my podcast. #savorcraftbeer

I met @CharliePapazian again, here at #Savor, just now. Honestly, though, sharing my love of @gilbertogil and his free culture work with Charlie’s wife, that…that made my night.

Obligatory crowd picture. #Savor #savorcraftbeer Seriously, as an introvert I love that Savor never makes me anxious.