Season 4 is shaping up well. I have booked guests for all but two episodes. One is towards the end of the season, plenty of time. The other opening is a bit more urgent, episode 2 slated for end of August. Scrambling to schedule a recording in the next two weeks.

Hustling on season 4 of the podcast again today. Preparing for interview for episode 1, firming up an episode in the middle of the season, following up on a possible earlier episode, and reaching out for the first time to other guests on my lists that I’d love to include.

Made progress yesterday, while out enjoying some local beer. Two more guests shaping up nicely for the coming season, one a returning guest, the other a new one with a plan for possibly a couple of episodes–stay tuned!

I have begun planning and scheduling for the new season in earnest. First episode is locked down, working on 2-3 more sets of guests, hoping to firm up most of the season in the next few weeks. For new listeners, plenty of episodes in the archive in the meantime.

After some home brewery chores, today I will be finishing production on the episode with Bryan Butler then releasing to Patrons ( Final episode of season 3 will go out to everyone this Thursday then on to organizing interviews for season 4.

And I just secured the last guest for season 3. That is a good feeling, to have the rest of the interview recordings for this season pretty much on the rails. I even have the first guest of season 4 booked.

I will be interviewing @beerismysavior and @silverbrewer about @silverbranchus this coming week. They will be the featured guests opening season 3.

Maryland beer friends, I have an upcoming opening in my production schedule. If you can sit down for an interview in the next week, esp. this weekend, I can feature you in an episode releasing¬† on 4/5. I’ll come to you and only need an hour.

Also been hustling the last few days to schedule interviews for season 3 and for an unexpected gap in the schedule for season 2. More details on possible upcoming guests soon!

I have possibly one more episode to schedule for season 2. The last episode is going to go out a week early for reasons that will be clear in the intro of that very episode.