Almost done, a few more minutes in the whirlpool then a stand and transfer to fermenter. Quick blast of O2, pitch the yeast, and it’s beer.

Making good progress, waiting for the boil. Next need to prep the chiller, hop jacket, and fermenter. In the home stretch.

Doughing in. So far, so good. Flurry of cleaning and equipment prep next while the mash does its things so I can recirculate, lauter and sparge.

That’s protein from the 6-row. The finished beer should be crystal clear so I have my work cut out for me throughout the rest of the process. Already tastes great.

A bit of the grist for a mini-mash. Learned this technique as a way to hit the right mash pH on the main mash from the start.

Off to a steady start. Minimal water treatment for this recipe, a cream ale. Carbon filter and anbit of KMS for chlorine/chloramine.