After a short trip to work in the same place with remote colleagues, finally almost home. Home for a while, no more travel planned until November and December.

Little that is more nerve wracking than being away from home when heavy weather hits. Glad the family is alright and hoping all MD/DC/VA friends are safe and have power.

My brothe-in-law drove us around in a giant SUV for the last few days. We came to affectionately call it The Whale. Kind of miss it yet glad to be back behind the wheel of my little zippy car.

I thought I might try to do a bit of audio editing. Nope. Working on the train is as impossible as it ever was, between the flaky wifi and the ride too rough for anything other than watching already downloaded videos or maybe sleeping.

Just saw my dad, siblings and their spouses off on their way back to FL. I head back to MD in a little while myself. It was very good to see all of them these past few days, as well as so many family friends and relatives even if the occasion was sad.