You know I found time to slip away briefly to visit a local brewery, @wpbrewery_. Glad I got to meet @FloriduhBrewer and a couple of his friends and chat before I had to get back to the next family gathering.

Really enjoyed talking about music, dance, fencing, relationships, and really life itself. Driving everyone back to their hotels, we laughed and sang to Zeppelin and Queen. Feeling bittersweet as I listen to Clannad for the first time in a long time.

One of the very best of so many great conversation with colleagues at my day job over dinner and drinks tonight. And yet, my heart turns towards home. Soon.

Without me having to pressure or cajole, coworkers have decided our evening outing tonight will be to a craft beer spot. I am happy both to indulge my passion and that I avoided being the squeaky wheel or having to sneak away on my own to explore local offerings.

Finally settled in at my hotel after the first day of a week long trip to Boston (technically Waltham.) Watching the tail end of a Vice episode and instantly thinking of Andrea back home.