Feeling mostly recovered after a long day of travel yesterday. Fairly productive, too, including laundry and some podcasting stuff.

Still have an hour until boarding then half an hour after that until pullback. And then only eight and a half hours in the air.

There’s a little pub in terminal A at Heathrow that I used to always visit when connecting with enough time. Of course I am in B this trip and making do with what seems like much slimmer pickings.

Touchdown LHR, ahead of schedule. Have a few hours layover to spend. Looking forward to a few pints especially since I’ve heard there is much new beer here in recent years.

Had to pass through the duty free right after security. Why not? Picked up a chocolate assortment for work, truffles including dark chocolate for family, and a malt I haven’t had in years.

Managed to push through the 1am waking last night and rise as early as planned. Finally won over jet lag. Just in time to fly home tomorrow.