Apparently very few if any people in Brussels eat dinner before 7pm. So many restaurants nearby are closed for another half hour. I can only nurse so many beers for so long.

Whup, there it is, that moment, like in every trip I take on my own, where my enjoyment of wherever I am at starts to give way to homesickness.

Moeder Lambic Original is packed. It isn’t very large but still. There is only one bartender, who is working very hard. And despite the crush, she is singing and laughing.

My plan for tonight is to try to eat later, stay out a little longer to try to avoid waking at 1 or 2am like the last two nights.

Another rough night with the jet lag. Finally made it to the conference. First two sessions I wanted to see were full. The crowds may be too much for me.

I am even more confused by the music choices, Dropkick Murphys. Where am I even right now? Is the jet lag pulling one over on me?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, a group of chavs walk into an American style brewery tasting room in Brussels. So much cultural dissonance right now.

Jet lag almost won another one. Woke at 2am but eventually managed to get back to sleep. Very slow morning but got out and finally feeling pretty good.

Checking out @BeerProject_Bxl. A little bit of beer culture whiplash going from a century old, traditional brewery to one that would be right at home back in the States.