In the past, I stayed close to the EU Parliament. I feel like English was more common there than where I am staying this time which seems predominantly French speaking.

The plan for tomorrow is to check out a local used book store to try to find a Belgian cook book for older son then take the tour at Cantillon.

First proper meal in Brussels, a local dish involving black pudding. Excited on several different levels, not in the least because I haven’t eaten more than a snack since EST.

Jet lag (and confusion over Brussels mass transit) almost won this day. After this final beer at Moeder Lambic Original, one more challenge remains for the day: where to eat dinner?

I used to travel to Brussels, Paris or London every few months, for my previous job. Did work at the EP, OECD, and with European telco regulators. This is my first trip to Europe on my open recognizance.